Get out of the conference room and into DC

Professional Teams

Give new energy and direction to your professional team

Internship Cohorts

Optimize the DC experience for interns serving your organization

Service Groups

Help your group serve with appreciation for the people, history and culture of DC

Update: Please note that our walking tours have been suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Please check back with us in the Fall of 2021 for another update.

What if the people and cultures of Washington, DC could help you motivate your professional team, orient your interns or engage your service group?

We help get your team, cohorts and groups into DC’s neighborhoods so that they can hear the city speak to their experience and possibilities. DC Justice Walks participants engage neighborhoods in ways that build connection with the city , their organization and each other.

Guides that let the city speak

You know when you’re out of ideas for fresh, new experiences that can mobilize your new hires to the company and the city?

We’ve designed walking tours with the people and cultures of DC neighborhoods for more than 1000 people/100 groups.

DC Justice Walks serves as a Guide to groups of professionals, interns and members of commercial and missional organizations on walking tours of selected DC neighborhoods. Our walks are structured to provide experiential engagement with the diversity of peoples, stories and cultures of Washington, DC. These tours result in the formation of important social/working relationships, refine participant understanding of local Washington, DC communities and provide a strong linkage to the organization providing the experience.